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Posted on Tuesday, October 05, 2010 in Insights, iMA Innovators Blog,


Anyone who thinks life is boring certainly hasn’t been around media and journalism in the last few years.  I have been given an incredible opportunity to be part of an industry undergoing evolutionary change, and for that I must thank the iMA board.  Two years ago I was working on developing a digital relationship between one of the world’s most well known and stable brands and its consumers.  Challenging … yes.  Interesting … sort of.  Inspiring… not so much.  Today I get to focus on innovative techniques to strengthen the relationship between public media organizations and the communities they serve while the ground underneath us is undulating.  I can’t imagine a more exciting place to be!  As someone who thrives on change, I might have found utopia!

Let me start by saying “Welcome to the new iMA!”  I’m happy you have found the seedlings of our new on-line presence.  What you see today is only the beginning, but we wanted to get a fresh face up as soon as possible to let our supporters know that we are alive and well.  In fact, we are better than that.  iMA is completely re-energized.  After a brief pause and a re-evaluation of our purpose in life, we are coming back stronger than ever.  I have been working closely with our very dedicated board to start from the top and think through our Vision, Mission and Goals.  Once our Mission (a.k.a. our purpose in life) was defined, we came up with our strategic approach to accomplishing those Goals.  You’ll see the current version of our Vision and Mission on the site, but I will share with you that this is an on-going process.  As I learn more and continue to meet with public media organizations, I will keep an eye on our purpose to make sure we are doing what is needed to help propel the industry forward.

As a relative newcomer to public media, I see so much opportunity.  I see a public frustrated with their traditional information sources and more and more excited about what public media is offering.  Unfortunately, I also see an industry that is financially challenged even more than is typical of non-profits because of the economic difficulties of the last few years.  I see wonderfully unique local offerings to match the world class national content offerings.  Unfortunately, I also see many public media organizations addressing similar challenges and solving and investing in them separately.  iMA’s vision is to

“be the connection point for innovation in the public media industry facilitating knowledge and resource sharing, educational growth, partnership opportunities and collaborative initiatives to support the continued success of public media as an essential community resource.”

We, at iMA, believe there is a tremendous opportunity for our industry to grow and vastly improve our community services if we can do a better job of sharing resources and collaborating.  I read recently that true innovation and ground breaking ideas rarely come from individuals, but rather, throughout history, they have typically come from networks of minds and forces working together (Wired Magazine, October 2010, "Where Ideas Come From").  There is hardly a smarter or more passionate industry than ours, so I can hardly wait to see the innovation that occurs when we work collectively to develop new levels of community service that are second-to-none!

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  1. Michael Marcotte 21 December 2010 at 8:23 am



    I’ve always admired the IMA for filling a need in the public media system. The IMA seems to be in a position to connect many parts of the whole. I encourage you to work collaboratively with our many organizations and stations, locally, regionally, nationally.

    I wish you luck and I enjoyed your recent webinar with NCME.

    Mike Marcotte

  2. Jeannie Ericson 27 December 2010 at 11:23 am

    Mike - thanks for the words of encouragement.  I’m glad to hear of your belief in iMA and the role we can play in the industry.  It is indeed a core part of our mission to work collaboratively with others and to help others to do the same.  Please stay tuned and continue to provide feedback!