Why should you join iMA?  Feel free to browse the complete Member Services, but here are 5 great reasons to join:

  1. Access to the Public Media Knowledge Base.  iMA is beginning to develop a "database" of industry information, including industry wide listings of stations, contacts, content focus, audience/market details, technical developers, new media initiatives, lessons and best practices, industry research and white papers, technology and third party recommendations and much, much more.  Membership in iMA give you and your organization access to all this information in a single place.
  2. Participation in sponsored and facilitated collaborative projects. iMA will be working with a number of member organizations in the coming year to sponsor and facilitate projects or initiatives that satisfy the common goals. iMA leadership will guide and manage the work, including development expertise if needed.  This is an opportunity for free resources and joint development to improve your overall effectiveness and efficiency!
  3. Discount to the iMA Conference.  iMA membership will include the usual conference discount, but this year it will have even more impact.  Look for the Conference Announcement coming soon.
  4. Participation in the iMA sponsored Public Media Community.  iMA is building the tools, providing the content and establishing the partnerships to establish a true on-line community for our industry.  Everything you need to connect and collaborate with your peers will be at your fingertips.  Whether you want to share code, learn the pros and cons of different content delivery workflows or discuss return on investment for a social media strategy, the Public Media Community will make it easy for you.
  5. Be part of shaping the innovative and collaborative future of Public Media.  iMA is rebuilding itself to provide the best possible value to our members.  We are developing services that enable true innovation to occur within our industry by understanding relevant future trends and bringing people together.  Come be a part of the discussion that helps to shape iMA and our industry.  Let your voice be heard!