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Announcing Digital Day Key Note: Nicholas White, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Dot!

Greater Public today announces that Nicholas White, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Dot, the extremely successful new venture in online internet community news, will key note Digital Day on July 9, 2014.

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iMA to Merge with Greater Public

Atlanta (September 4, 2013) – Greater Public (formerly DEI) and Integrated Media Association (iMA) announced plans today to merge, a move that will unite two of public media’s premiere resources for innovation and sustainability.

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iMA Announces Publication of “CRM for Public Media” Research Report

iMA and Greater Public are pleased to announce that a major piece of consumer research for our members is now available: 

A Consumers Guide to Constituent Relationship Management Systems for Public Media.
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Share the iMA 2013 Experience!

The iMA conference has passed, but there were so many great sessions, events, conversations, tools, collaborations, and relationships that it would be a shame not to share. Please visit our conference main page to gain access to audio and video of sessions, session resources, and photo memories of the event.

Link to iMA Conference Page

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iMA Announces AOL Digital Prophet, David Shing, to Key Note iMA 2013 Conference

iMA is excited to bring a true prophet and visionary in the digital space to the conference stage on March 7. David Shing spends most of his time watching the future take shape across the vast online landscape. The rest he spends talking to people about where things are headed, and how we can get the most out of it. He will give everyone at iMA something to really think about!

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iMA Announces First Ever iMA Conference Tech Lounge

iMA and PBS Digital are excited to bring our technical community the first ever iMA Tech Lounge at iMA's 2013 Conference in Austin, Texas March 6 - March 7. This space is reserved to celebrate the dedication of our technical professionals who bring public media's digital presence to life.

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Hotels Available for iMA and SXSW Interactive

Are you headed to iMA and hoping to find a room for SXSW? You are in luck! iMA has a hotel block at the Omni Downtown for March 5 - 8, 2013, and SXSW still has rooms (at pretty decent rates) during SXSW Interactive. Yes, you will have to move your hotel, but the good news is you get a much better rate through them. The only catch is that the rooms are going quickly. 

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iMA 2013 Registration is Live!

It's time to start planning for next year's iMA 2013. iMA 2013 registration is now live! Don't miss this opportunity to see the most innovative works of our industry; tackle some of the toughest problems; and push yourself to imagine a new path where public media is not playing catch up but instead we are leading our communities.

As in previous years, iMA will be partnering with SXSW Interactive as an opportunity for those in public media to glimpse the latest and greatest in the world of emerging technology just after iMA. iMA has discount coupons available, so plan to extend your stay and open your mind!

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iMA Announces Customized Google Analytics On Demand Training for Public Media

Understanding the metrics behind our successes and areas for improvement in the digital space is critical for our industry. iMA has heard  an industry wide cry for help in the analytics arena. As a response to this critical need, iMA is announcing its first ever training course available to those in the public media arena. This course includes 12 hours of video courseware covering Basic topics, Intermediate topics, and Advanced topics. 

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iMA Innovators Blog - Guest Post by Nonso Christian Ugbode of National Black Programming Consortium

"Black Folks Don't ..." and the Power of Irony

Check out our recent guest post on how public media can be diversifying our content and audience. What is our role? Are we provocateurs? Should we provide a forum for discussion? Take a minute to read this thought provoking post about the successful blog series, "Black Folks Don't ..."

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iMA 2012 Party Available to Everyone in Pub Media

iMA is pleased to announce that you can have a taste of the fun of iMA and Austin, Texas thanks to our generous sponsors, StreamGuys and Tunein. The music for the party we are hosting on March 7 will be available to everyone through a live stream of the event. 

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iMA Sold Out of SXSW Interactive Coupons

iMA has sold out of its discounted SXSW Interactive coupons. If you are interested in attending SXSW you must go through their registration process:

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Announcing iMA Conference General Session: Is Pub Media Ready for Our Mobile Audience?

Mobile growth is exploding. Consumers have incorporated their mobile devices into every aspect of their daily routine. Will public media be a part of that routine? Are we ready to embrace the audience that expects us to be mobile with them? Come join Gartner Research and Jacobs Media as they predict consumer mobile trends and share public media's current positioning. The results of the iMA Mobile Strategies Research project will be revealed along with recommendations for catching up with our audience!

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iMA Conference Key Note: Rhonda Holt, SVP Turner Broadcasting System

iMA is very pleased to welcome Rhonda Holt, SVP of Audience Multi-platform Technologies for Turner Broadcasting System, as a key note speaker at the iMA Conference on March 7-8, 2012 in Austin, Texas. Rhonda will share Turner's evolution from a television broadcasting organization to an industry leader blazing a digital trail by making its content available for consumers whenever and wherever they want it.

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iMA Conference Key Note: NPR President and CEO Gary Knell

Don't miss one of the industry's key leaders in his first address to the public media industry at the iMA Conference in Austin, Texas on March 7 - 8.

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Announcing iMA Conference Key Note: PRX and Knight Foundation Discuss Public Media Accelerator

PRX and Knight Foundation just announced a groundbreaking new program called the Public Media Accelerator. A $2,500,000 fund to inspire innovation. Join Jake Shapiro, CEO of PRX, and John Bracken, Director of Media Innovation at Knight Foundation, at the iMA Conference on March 7-8 as they describe the program and how you can be a part of it.

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Help iMA Analyze the Pub Media Mobile Landscape

iMA has posted a survey to better understand the mobile landscape in the public media industry.

Take the Mobile Survey

All public media professionals are encouraged to take the survey - but please only once per person. Our purpose is to establish a mobile baseline for all of public media, covering content, platforms, priorities, and perceptions about the value of your investment. Ultimately, we hope this will be the first of such surveys to establish trending patterns and generate recommendations for stations.

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iMA Announces the Introduction of iMA Premium Webinars

iMA is excited to announce a new member benefit called ‘iMA Premium Webinars’. iMA will now differentiate webinars into two categories: Premium and Open. iMA Premium Webinars are a special service available free of charge to iMA members and for a fee to non-members. 

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iMA Announces Renewed Partnership with SXSW Interactive!

Atlanta -The Integrated Media Association (iMA) announced today that their 2012 annual conference will once again be offered in partnership with the South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival, the premiere conference on emerging technologies in the world!

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Integrated Media Association announces the iMA Innovators Blog

iMA is proud to announce the start of a brand new blog highlighting the innovative works in Public Media. The iMA Innovators Blog will feature creative projects and collaborations helping to advance our industry and better serve our communities.

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iMA to Renew Partnership with SXSW

The 2011 annual iMA conference in Austin, Texas, held in partnership with South By Southwest Interactive, was a grand success according to attendees. The feedback on the partnership with SXSW was entirely positive, so iMA has decided to try it again in 2012!

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Integrated Media Association (iMA) Announces Award of IBM Community Services Grant

iMA awarded Social Media Consulting Grant from IBM valued at $125,000 to benefit iMA member organizations.

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iMA Conference Session Video – Available to All Attendees & iMA Members

Are you an iMA member who was unable to attend the conference? Did you hear the buzz about the great session content? If your organization is an iMA member or you attended the conference, all sessions are available for audio or video replay.  

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Video SEO Webinar March 30 at 1:00 ET


Are you driving potential donor traffic to your web site from your YouTube videos? Is your audience finding your video?
Join pubmedia veteran Kevin Dando, who manages PBS’s YouTube channel and industry expert Greg Jarboe, who has shown customers how to increase their video traffic exponentially, as they share their tips to help you grow your online video audience!
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Conference Materials and Playback Coming Soon

iMA 2011 Conference presentations and playback of the audio and video will be up this week.  All conference attendees will receive notification when the playback streams are ready.

In the meantime, we had incredible feedback on Amy Webb's session. For details on her "Top Ten Tech Trends for Pub Media" presentation, check out this link:" target="_blank">iMA Top Ten Tech Trends that Matter to Pub Media

iMA Registration: Prices go up at the start of the Conference

Still on the fence about iMA or SXSW? Or just waiting until the last minute to complete the forms? Don't wait too much longer. Prices will go up on March 10 for iMA and for the SXSW coupons.

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iMA Conference Schedule Posted

You've seen all the sessions coming together. Now the full schedule has been posted. See if you can narrow down your target sessions.

Check it out and spread the word." target="_blank">iMA 2011 Conference Schedule

Announcing Key Note speaker at iMA conference: Amy Web of Webbmedia Group

iMA is pleased to announce that Amy Webb will be sharing her powerful and entertaining "Top Ten Tech Trends that Matter to Public Media" presentation for one of the key note sessions on Friday, March 11, 2011 at the iMA conference. Don't miss her valuable perspective on the tech trends we should notice and those that are just fads.

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SXSW Interactive Discounts Available to all Pub Media

As of January 16, iMA is lifting the restriction for iMA membership to be eligible for the SXSW Interactive Festival discount coupon. Coupons will be issued on a first come, first serve basis, so don't wait!!

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Announcing iMA conference session: The PBS & NPR Local / National Strategies

The digital leaders of PBS and NPR, Jason Seiken and Kinsey Wilson, will be presenting their respective Local/National strategies.  A session you won’t want to miss!

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Video Search Engine Optimization Is So Five Years Ago

More than 35 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.  This means 2,100 hours of video is uploaded every hour, or 50,400 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every day. Today, YouTube gets 86.2% of visits to 77 video sites, according to Experian Hitwise.  Google Video gets 1.1%. What does this mean to Public Media professionals? It means video search engine optimization is so five years ago.  Getting people to discover and share your YouTube videos is now more important than ever.

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Announcing Public Media Corps’ Next Top Model! Contest

The National Black Programming Consortium is announcing a contest to help fund the next participant in the growing Public Media Corps initiative.  Find community partners using an on-line tool and submit your ideas.  Presentation and voting will occur at the iMA conference in March.  Read more about the contest and the conference.

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iMA Announces 2011 Conference Partnership with SXSW Interactive


iMA is excited to announce today that the iMA conference registration is live! Through our partnership with SXSW, iMA will be presenting creative innovations from the public media industry along with emerging trends and technologies from around the world! iMA is making available to its members a limited number of discount coupons to attend the SXSW Interactive Festival when registering for the iMA conference. The combined events will be held from March 10 – March 15, 2011 in Austin, Texas.  To learn more and to register, go to the Conference section of the iMA web site

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Pubic Media Panels at SXSW - first two rounds announced

Earlier this week SXSW Interactive released the next wave of panels selected through their Panel Picker process.  A variety of public media sessions have been selected so far.  Another wave will be announced on December 13.  Check out the full list so far.

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iMA to Partner with SXSW Interactive Festival for 2011 Conference

Two conferences in one!  iMA will be partnering with the premier event in new and emerging technologies for the 2011 conference.  Public Media trends and innovations and opportunities partnered with the best of the best in global technology innovations!

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Social Media On Ramp Blog


Social Media is not a program that can be rolled-out in the traditional way that organizations have rolled out technology capabilities or programs in the past.  So how do you get started?  Do we give it to the Communications department?  Do we hire an intern to handle?  Do we establish social media guidelines? Read the advice of one of the few true veterans in social media.

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Drupal Guest Blogger Discusses Benefits of Drupal and Challenges

Drupal is free; it's highly functional and very mature; Drupal can provide all the functionality you need.  So why isn't everyone developing with Drupal?  While Drupal has many advantages, it also has challenges.  iMA brings the expert perspective of Bill Shaouy, one of the few out there with years of experience developing with Drupal, architecting large web environments and leading teams of Drupal developers.  What does he like about Drupal?  When is it not appropriate? And where is Drupal in use in Public Media?

Drupal Guest Blog introduction and Bill's bio

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iMA Executive Director’s Blog

iMA is alive and well!  Read the initial Blog Post from our new Executive Director, Jeannie Ericson, describing the re-energized iMA and welcoming you to the new web site.

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iMA Member Services Announced - Please tell us what you think

iMA is undergoing a complete overhaul.  We are re-evaluating our purpose and restating our Vision and Mission.  Please check out our strategic direction and take a look at our initial Member Services and let us know what you think via the Feedback Section.

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iMA Announces Revitalization Initiative Names Jeannie Ericson New Executive Director

The Integrated Media Association (iMA), an organization focused on harnessing the power of the Internet and other new media platforms for the benefit of public media, announced today it has begun a revitalization initiative designed to identify and implement new ways to invigorate the organization and provide fundamental value to its members.  The iMA board of directors also announced today it has appointed Jeannie Ericson its new Executive Director.

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