iMA Member Services Announced - Please tell us what you think

Posted on Sunday, October 03, 2010

Integrated Media Association has put a lot of thought into the purpose of the organization.  We have reached out to quite a few stations and national organizations to better understand how iMA was perceived in the past, what strengths to retain and where to expand and improve.  The Board of Directors and the Executive Director are dedicated to making sure Integrated Media Association provides value to our industry.  At the same time we want to recognize that many services are already available through a variety of national organizations that are passionate about helping public media grow and better serve the public. We do not want to duplicate those existing services.

As an organization our focus will be on helping public media organizations be more effective and efficient and innovative.  We will help to drive these improvements by developing a network within public media that enables sharing resources, connecting with each other, collaborating on all types of initiatives, learning from each other and even partnering with each other.  iMA will continue to provide educational opportunities and in person networking opportunities because there was very strong feedback about the value of those services in the past.  Please let us know your thoughts on our initial member services and our strategic vision.  We will grow our services over the next year, and we will continue to listen to our industry members so we can provide the most value possible.

Please share your thoughts!